Home Export “The Lebanese grape season has all the ingredients for success” Export

“The Lebanese grape season has all the ingredients for success” Export

“The Lebanese grape season has all the ingredients for success” Export

Currently in its early stages, the grape table season in Lebanon is shaping up well, both in terms of production and marketing, according to Moussa Zgheib, general manager of the Lebanese grape grower Bamo Zgheib.

Moussa says, “The vines are currently blooming, and we continue our farming operations without any troubles. We produced this year the varieties Red Globe, Black Pearl, Black Magic, Crimson Seedless, Scarlett Royal, and the Arra varieties. The temperatures are optimal, we have a larger acreage than last season and have already received orders. All the ingredients for a good season are here.”

Growers are recovering from a difficult season last year, says Moussa, “We had water stress and subzero temperature lows at bloom time. But this year, the lows are in the 1-5 degrees range, and we haven’t had any losses or damage to the plants. There is still the risk of strong winds that can cause plant breakage or abortion of the burgundy, but we hope for the best.”

In terms of volumes, the producer expects a record production. He says, “It is difficult to quantify our estimates, but it should be known that every year 1-2 million new vines are planted in Lebanon, and after each year, the yield of each vine, as they mature, increases substantially. So there is no concern about volume, but our stake is to improve the quality.”

Global inflation is changing consumers’ behavior, as their purchasing power decreases and they are forced to cut out certain products. Theoretically, Lebanese grapes positioned in the premium market are threatened, but Zgheib is not worried: “Demand will remain strong, inflation taken into consideration. We always have more demand than we can supply in the premium segment. Lebanese production is late, between August and November, at a time when the majority of origins have already finished their season, or the overlap is only of a few days.”

Moussa continues, “In addition to the premium segment, we have more affordable varieties, which also have a great demand, and which we plant to secure the season economically. these varieties are mainly exported to the middle east region and Gulf countries.”

As for the European market, the producer expects an expansion of the Lebanese table grapes this year, “we have made great efforts in terms of marketing this year, participating in major agricultural exhibitions such as the Fruit Logistica, and receiving trade delegations and buyers in Lebanon. In terms of marketing effort, we made a big jump this year.”

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