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Indonesian market closest to opening for Peru’s blueberries Export

Indonesian market closest to opening for Peru’s blueberries Export

Peru has ambitions to turn the world blue with their fresh blueberries, and make it the most preferred fruit on earth. They aim to open new markets, with Indonesia the closest to opening next and receiving the blue gold from Peru as it is about to start the 2023/2024 campaign with 18% more volumes projected and a 35% increase in organics.

The industry body Proarandanos, managed by Luis Miguel Vegas, are not resting on their laurels with a host of new markets, both near and far, targeted to absorb the increased production and exports. This includes neighbours and other countries who are themselves blueberry producers, but crucially without the long and nearly year round season that Peru currently has. This includes Argentina, Ecuador, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Asian countries in their sights are Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan and South Korea.

“Regarding market access, Indonesia is the closest to opening, but still we cannot confirm it will happen this year. Our vision is to make blueberries the favourite fruit around the world,” says Miguel Vegas.

Peru’s 2023/2024 blueberry campaign is set to start slowly in the earliest region from week 22 or 23 at the end of May and start of June. It will then build up to the start of the peak from around week 31, with the peak expected in September and October. During the 2022/2023 season 287,806 tons were exported at a value of $1,4 billion. Peru is estimating the 18% increase in volumes to reach 338,859 tons and $1,5 billion in the coming season.

Proarandanos sees the ongoing Russian war in Ukraine, global inflation and global shipping costs all affecting consumption in Europe negatively. He also says the instability in Peru during the last season affected the agriculture sector in terms of lost wages and hundreds of millions of dollars worth in lost exports.

“Our industry provides 135,000 jobs, contributes to social programs, while we are also responsible with our sustainability and environmental practices. We will reach the world through consumer promotion, genetic variety, by reaching diverse markets, optimising logistics and sending from more ports and work to improve inspection and phytosanitary services,” states Miguel Vegas.

For more information:
Luis Miguel Vegas
Tel: +51 980 503 363
Email: contacto@proarandanos.pe   


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