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Entertainment logistics, global trade and company culture – WTT

Entertainment logistics, global trade and company culture – WTT

On today’s episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? Dooner is talking to Seko’s Brian Bourke about what’s happening in global trade. We’ll look at air, ocean and trucking markets. Also, it’s not easy being a mom and dad in this field, so we’re talking about the logistics of parenting. 

Dunavant’s Kelly Lomax drops by the studio to talk about dealing with supply chains in flux. Lomax also talks about recruiting, retention and culture in a world with radically shifting worker priorities. 

Much like great CGI, well-run entertainment supply chains are nearly invisible to the naked eye. But how do shows, movies and concerts all come together from a freight perspective? Bluebird Express’ Phil Hyland talks about how this time-critical corner of the industry works. We’ll also find out how the Writers Guild strike will trickle down into trucking. 

Plus, touring a Maersk ship cabin; a new scam targets truckers; Flexport goes trucking; bag a day in May; Disney declares order 66 on a “Star Wars” hotel; and more.

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