Home Logistics FedEx says strike plans have “no impact” on business

FedEx says strike plans have “no impact” on business

FedEx says strike plans have “no impact” on business

FedEx has stressed recent strike discussions have had “no impact on our service”.

On May 17, FedEx Express pilots, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA), voted to authorise a strike.

The FedEx Express Master Executive Council (MEC) of ALPA unanimously approved a resolution setting the stage for a strike authorisation vote in February.

The voting window for the strike authorisation ballot then opened on April 18.

Strike authorisation is one of several steps necessary for a strike to occur, pointed out FedEx in a statement on May 17.

“At this time, we are still in productive negotiations with our pilots under the supervision of a government-appointed mediator and will return to the bargaining table next week,” said the transport giant.

It added: “FedEx is focused on reaching a comprehensive agreement and remains committed to bargaining in good faith with our pilots to achieve an agreement that is fair to them, our other team members, and all other FedEx stakeholders.”

Strikes are only possible with the permission of the National Mediation Board, said FedEx. “They can only occur after the parties have passed through multiple legally mandated steps, and only when other safeguards, such as Presidential or Congressional intervention, do not occur.”

ALPHA said 99% of FedEx pilots authorised union leaders to call a strike, if needed, to achieve a new contractual agreement with FedEx. 

However, the airline pilot union said: “Our goal is to reach an agreement, not to strike.”

The FedEx pilots are working under contractual provisions and benefits negotiated in 2015, said ALPA. Negotiations for a new agreement began in May 2021, six months prior to the amendable date of November 2021. Talks entered mediation in October 2022.

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