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An award to recognize good management, financial reliability and corporate sustainability Export

An award to recognize good management, financial reliability and corporate sustainability Export

For its competitiveness in terms of management, its reliability in the financial field, and its sustainability with regard to an unquestionable balance sheet algorithm, the Campania-based company from Montesarchio (Benevento), ‘Coppola Patate’, has won the Industria Felix 2023 Award from the magazine of the same name, Industria Felix Magazine.

The award is the most grateful recognition given to the resourcefulness, zeal and determination of anyone who has put his or her ability to “build” an activity capable of bearing copious and profitable fruits (such is the meaning of the adjective felix) in terms of social welfare and economic progress.

In the picture: Pietro Coppola, commercial director of Coppola Patate, receiving the Industria Felix Award

“I am indeed extremely delighted for taking part in such an event, one that brings pride to the potato chain, but at the same time to Coppola Patate, whose hard work is thus repaid, because to be chosen among the many companies present implies having achieved high quality results, centered on a family’s passionate vision, which grows and evolves step by step along with its production,” says Pietro Coppola, commercial director of the Coppola Patate company.

Coppola Patate has been involved in the processing and wholesaling of potatoes for over fifty years. Passion, innovation and experience in the sector are the elements that allow the company to offer a product all year round with high-quality standards. As a matter of fact, nearly 60 percent of Coppola’s potatoes meet the GlobalGAP standard of certification, at their origin.

Cutting-edge machinery, which is the result of experience and advanced technologies imported over the years from around the world, is what is used for the processing. Whereas in terms of cropping, in order to reduce the environmental impact generated by it, in-house production specifications are applied, which include the use of integrated pest management with minimum chemicals.

Coppola Patate’s flagship product is the Zero Residue potato, a product line that is revolutionary, which allows us to look at the food we eat in a healthy and naturalistic way; it is a real innovation, the result of work and studies carefully carried out over the years by the company’s professional collaborators.

“The ‘zero residue’ line is just the starting point of projects aimed at safeguarding the environment,” says the commercial director. “In fact, the cultivation techniques used daily are a clear example of this. Precision agriculture aims to minimize the use of water and significantly reduce any kind of waste, making production sustainable for the environment, for society and also from an economic point of view for those who cultivate.”

Coppola Patate is focused on projects and collaborations with university institutes to promote sustainability and ensure that both environment and food are made into one innovative and healthy apparatus in the present and in the future.

“Our goal,” concluded Pietro Coppola, “is to become a nationwide supplier of potatoes, continuing to treat this ancient product with care and respect, while knowing that we have to guarantee high standards of quality, and that only by pursuing the path of sustainability in the entire supply chain will we succeed in creating a more equitable future for all.

For more information: 
Coppola Patate Srl
Pietro Coppola
Via Francesco Caracciolo snc 
82016 Montesarchio (BN) – Italy
+39 0824 833284 


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