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Self-developed Sepia case packer highlighted at Open Huys Days Export


Het Packhuys will hold its Open Huys days soon. From May 31 to June 9, this Dutch machine supplier will open its doors so known and potential business partners can experience its full product range. “It’s a great way to extensively show our machines in action with products to interested parties and introduce our new and existing partners,” begins Jan Molenaar.

It is the second time this company will host this event. “We did so in 2021 because there were no trade shows during the pandemic, and we noticed that our business partners needed to know about packaging solutions. That first edition was very successful.”

“It showed people wanted to see the latest market innovations and available automation opportunities in action. Space is limited at trade shows, so we can’t demonstrate our complete offer. We have a lot of new machines to present, so we decided to organize Open Huys Days 2.0,” says Jan.

In almost two weeks, (potential) new clients can see the stand-alone and complete line solutions, get tailored advice, and get a sneak peek at the latest packaging innovations. “We set aside almost two weeks so we can set everything up spaciously and take our time with interested parties. It’s not a short talk with a machine in the background at a trade fair. We have a spacious showroom where everything will be operational, and customers can walk around peacefully, asking questions while enjoying a snack and drink.”

In the spotlight: the new automatic case packer, Sepia. “We developed this with our partner J-TS and will display the latest, working version. We introduced the Sepia to the market this year, and the initial feedback is positive and promising. We’ll also line the machine up with an automatic crate opener, the Frutmac Boxer. That’s the perfect way to introduce this innovation as a complete line solution to potential partners. But, there will be many other novelties and known products,” Jan explains.

“Those range from top sealers to Top Control weighing solutions, and cardboard sealing machines to different suppliers’ fully automated line solutions. We’ll also introduce our (new) partners. This year, for example, we’ve become Frutmac distributors. We’ll offer the complete range of mainly carton sealing machines.” 

“You can pack loose products like apples, pears, and kiwis into cardboard boxes with these machines. We also made an acquisition, becoming a distributor for Leonhardt and ITW. We’ll introduce these to buyers for the first time via demo machines and product testing,” Jan continues.

“In partnership with Gearbox Innovations, we’ll show off some solutions for optical sorting and quality control of products such as tomatoes, grapes, and snack vegetables. This company focuses on inventing, designing, and making smart products that simplify, improve, or speed up daily work. During the Open Huys Days, the Gearstation and the GearPerformer will be displayed in line with our packaging lines.”

Complete line solutions
Jan says companies in both the fruit and vegetable and meal sectors have an ever-growing need for complete-line solutions, which is why Het Packhuys has kept developing in this area in recent years. “These days, companies want a single point of contact for their machine solutions,” Molenaar says. “Often there are problems or questions that require contacting multiple suppliers.”

“That takes up a lot of time. It makes things so much easier to get help from one place. We want to offer our customers the complete service from A to Z, which we can taste during the Open Huys Days. Snacks and drinks will be at hand, in any case,” Jan concludes.

You can register for the Open Huys Days here or at openhuys@het-packhuys.com.

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